Rakhram is a multidisciplinary lab focused on creating unique pieces with excellent materials that offer a timeless experience.

We have our roots in traditional locally based craftsmanship work and our main goal is to deliver high end crafted pieces.

Rakhram creates high quality furniture that is made to last. We produce exclusive pieces, unique in its design, with its notches and its lights. 

Our goal is to offer you the experience of quality craftsmanship.


We stand behind the idea of treating the pieces as least as possible respecting the nature of the timber. We are mindful of our social responsibility to have  a positive impact on the environment. We take care of the whole process, from our local suppliers to the final packaging.

craft & materials

Craft is the essence of Rakhram philosophy. Grown in family owned forests of Galicia (Spain) and the North of Portugal,the wood we use is sustainably sourced, and treated as minimally as possible so that you can feel its original raw touch.

With proper care, our pieces are designed to withstand a lifetime.